Monday, August 28, 2017

An End of Summer Vacation

 {A post for my memories}

This is our second year taking a beach vacation at the end of the summer and both times it has been the perfect ending to our summer break.  We (along with my parents) booked the condo several months ago, knowing that we likely wouldn't make the trip if we booked it closer to the time our house was being finished.  Before we left, I felt guilty and regretful spending the additional money on top of all our house expenses, but now I'm so glad we planned this ahead of time. There's just nothing as calming and relaxing as the sunshine, white sandy beach and ocean waves crashing.  We needed this - a little break from work and worries and the busyness of life.  And just as it's nice taking a break, it's nice to come home feeling refreshed, thankful, and ready for a new season ahead. 

 Our so sweet nine year old... helpful, conscientious, always wanting to be by my side, talking, laughing, and growing up oh so quickly.

 Perfect weather every day we were there, some days with a calm sea and some with huge waves that we all (young and old) enjoyed playing in. 

 Our six year old full of personality... funny, smiling, constantly moving, cute as a button and always ready for a cuddle.  I'm having a hard time thinking about her not always being at this stage! 

As I post this, I'm looking back at a previous post three years  ago at this same beach when our girls were much smaller, life was much different, and I'm reminded again why I'm so grateful to have this space to document my memories.  

Warm water and quiet mornings.  Sweet sisters.  And a mama's heart bursting with thankfulness for her precious family and another summer's worth of sweet memories.  


  1. I just love this. I have 2 daughters the same age as your girls. I completely understand how you feel. Bittersweet for sure...�� I wish time would slow down. ~Hillary

  2. Love this post. Love these girls. Loved our time together at the beach. Loved the donuts every night. Hate the pounds I put on eating those donuts!! :-)

    - Mom -

  3. beautiful girls and beautiful photos !!

  4. How lovely, it reminds me of beach trips with my cousins :)


  5. Perfect post! Thank you for sharing your family.

  6. Your daughters are beautiful. It has been so nice watching them grow up via your blog posts! You are very blessed to have such sweet girls. What beach is that? It looks amazing and I'd like to visit!!

  7. Beautiful young ladies. They sure are having a lot of fun.


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