Sunday, May 20, 2012

Signs of Growth

 Today it seems like there are many things I could write about, but I find what I really want to share with you is our garden.

I love our garden.  

I had no idea how rewarding it would be to look out my kitchen window every morning to watch it grow.  Or how forward I would look to my weekly weed pulling.  How much I would enjoy simply walking around and examining new signs of growth.  

I am so anxious for fresh veggies from our garden.  It's become so important to me to know what is in our food.  And it's important for us to teach our girls what our land can provide us with.

It's astonishing to me how it went from a plot of dirt with some pine straw thrown in for good measure to this

 Our zucchini plant is so big it's almost scary.  Will it really get bigger?! 

 Little green tomatoes.

And it looks like squash will be on the menu this week.  My favorite!

And speaking of gardening, look at these old red clay pots I picked up this weekend for a couple dollars.  My mom and I went to a basement sale at a historic hardware store, which was amazing and filled with all kinds of treasures I'll tell you about another time.  I couldn't resist these tucked in a box in the very back of the basement covered in dust... my husband mentioned something about them looking similar to what I could find at Wal-Mart.  Of course he said this with a smile since he knows I find the idea of planting in something old so much better than new.  (smile)

Hope your week ahead is wonderful!  


  1. The used clay pots look fantastic to me too! Squash..I wish I planted squash...

  2. I just wrote a blog about making a plaster column look old for the garden. I agree that using something old is always better.

  3. You're inspiring me! For many years I lived at the foothills of Mt. Hood, where gardening seemed too difficult. Now I'm at a lower elevation, and my head has been filling with vegetable garden fantasies. We've already figured out the spot, now we just have to get to it. I hope it's not too late for this year!

  4. Your garden is looking great and I can't believe you have tiny yellow squash already. You are really going to enjoy having fresh vegetables and picking them with your girls.

  5. So lush and green! Here in my part of Canada planting season began this weekend. I'll be putting my veg garden next weekend. I hope my grows as well as yours!

  6. Beautiful garden! I've been watching ours grow, too. Last year was our first season of vegetable gardening and I was surprised how easy it was. It's so rewarding to eat food you grow yourself (and so much better than all that processed junk we tend to eat). I even canned last year for the first time in my life. I'm very much into the "farm to table" movement these days. Enjoy your homegrown veggies!

  7. Your garden looks so pretty. And, I love those clay pots!

  8. Wow! Your veggies are big! I'm a little behind since we can't get a break from the rain. I'm afraid my little veggies are going to get swept away!
    Since I mainly eat a grain and vegetable/fruit diet, I can't wait for the first time I can fill my garden basket and make dinner. It is so rewarding...can't wait to hear what you make.

    Hope you are having a beautiful spring ~

  9. Your garden is so beautiful! I know your little girls are enjoying watching everything grow. That's almost the best part. It's so rewarding. I love those old pots.

  10. Your garden looks amazing. Isn't it so satisfying to know exactly where your fruits and vegetables are grown. Did you grow any corn?

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  11. Your garden is really coming along! We just planted a small garden in our backyard for the the first time and are really enjoying watching it grow too. We will have squash as well. Love that! I wished we had planted zucchini. Forgot all about that! We don't have any vegetables just yet, but hopefully soon. Yours is certainly inspiring!

  12. We redid our landscape last fall and don't have a garden place ready yet, so we will be skipping it this year. So I am doubly enjoying yours. I hope you will be posting more photos as the season goes on!

    PS: How do you find such great sales? Those pots are super cool!

  13. Love those pots. Great find! I really want to go with you to that sale sometime. Wouldn't it be fun to basement shop together?

    Your garden is looking great. Ours is coming in nicely also. I also planted a couple of tomato plants in galvanized tubs on my deck. They are doing real well. I also have basil growing and cannot wait to put one of my tomatoes with my basil, some moz cheese, balsamic la good!

  14. That' s my favorite part of the morning too- letting out the chickens and inspecting the garden for new growth. I'm over from Jennifer's, linking up too!

  15. Your vegetable garden is amazing!
    I am so impressed how large your plants are and so early
    in the season too!
    I would have grabbed those pots too. Nothing better
    than an aged patina on a terracotta pot.

    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!
    I will be thinking of you eating your homegrown
    vegetables this summer as I bite into a store bought
    pesticide raised tomato!!!!

    You're amazing!

  16. Your garden is looking sooo great! I love your clay pots, too. I have some that look the same and they have held up year after year. As always, your pictures are beautiful!


  17. Looks like the garden is flourishing. You are going to be busy harvesting this bounty. Enjoy!

  18. Squash is wonderful in a garden... hopefully you will have some for Thanksgiving! Maybe freeze some!

  19. I am so envious of your vegetable garden! Your squash looks like it is almost ready.

    Linking from The Polo House,
    Ricki Jill


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