Friday, September 7, 2012


"Tree Flowers"
Yesterday evening the house was quiet... one girl was asleep, the other with my mom and dad... I was doing dishes and all of a sudden I had this overwhelming urge to take a break from my routine the following day and go to my parents' farm and spend a little time with my mom and the girls outdoors.  

It's funny... my mom and I lived hundreds of miles away from each other for years.  Now we live just down the road from each other but we're always busy, busy.  Usually it's a quick catch up before we race off in separate directions to the next chore, the next task. Always too busy, that's what I am most of the time.

 I don't know if it's the same for you, but lately it feels like the days just keep getting busier and busier.  I keep thinking the next week or the next month will slow down... but it doesn't.

Lately we've been trying really hard to finish up some projects in our house so that we can just take a break and enjoy the season.  

The days are still hot and the foliage is still green but I think I started to see some hints of autumn today during a much needed walk in the woods at my parents' farm. 

We named this trail at the bottom of the hill the "nut trail" the first time we all walked it for the simple reason that there are nuts scattered across the ground.  Today I was on the search for some acorns for the living room and we found plenty.  Really, could there be a cuter nut? 

Sometimes it seems like we spend so much time working on our house and running here and running there.  This fall I want to make time for some other things.

Yes, I think a little balance is just what we need.  My fall list doesn't consist of things like painting.  Nope, I'm thinking about things like fall crafts with the girls, picking pumpkins, planting mums, playing in the leaves and especially walks on the nut trail.

I'm sure I'll be adding to that list this weekend while I (ugh) finish some painting.  

But before I wish you a happy weekend, I had to introduce you to my parents' animals.  This is Belle, the perfect farm dog.  You know that she's always game for a walk.  

And meet Promise, the funniest horse I've ever met.  She runs towards us when she hears the car coming up the hill and always wants to be nearby to join in on the fun.  

Happy weekend!  And I'd love to know if you have the time... what are you looking forward to doing this fall?


  1. I love this post! Thank you for the walk on the Nut Trail this morning and for the reminder how MUCH we loved it the first time we looked at the farm - before we ever even bought it. I love all the pitures and my precious, sweet, baby girls. Love, Mom

  2. You have got it! We ALL need that sense of balance. It is hard to maintain because we, too, are always busy, busy, busy. I love that you took time to walk the "nut trail"...what fun. I hope to spend part of Fall hanging out with my grandkids and just enjoying life- xoDiana

  3. I so agree about getting things in balance. I am not even posting as often now on my blog because I don't want this computer to consume so much of my time. Projects are not happening because school is taking our day. Time is short with our children, we have to enjoy it!

    Your pictures are so beautiful, Andrea.

  4. Promise and Belle as precious! You`re so lucky to have such a wonderful place to walk.

    I`m pretty much with you; just looking forward to the joys of each new season.

    Kiss that baby girl for me!


  5. I feel out of balance lately too. I have so much to do with all the changes that we have planned but it seems like I'm getting nothing done. I think a day of not worrying about it all and a walk in the country, is what I need also! The things that consume our time are usually not the things that matter anyway.

    Enjoy fall...I can it's feel it's coming. xo

  6. Beautiful, thought provoking post. So true. We all just need to slow down and enjoy life - there's so much to be thankful for in our everyday lives.


  7. I just stopped by after voting on the CL website. I love your home. So cozy! Love it.
    So glad I found you!

  8. I know exactly what you mean about the business, Andrea. Lately, I have been really trying to simplify and make our lives a little less hectic. I just saw your office/schoolroom post and you did an amazing job ~ so, so cute! Congrats on your Country Living nomination - so exciting!!

  9. Fall is a fabulous season for family - cool enough for cuddles, baking cookies with the kids doesn't overheat the kitchen and who doesn't enjoy a day at the apple orchard!! I look forward to hearing about all of your family moments - when you have time to share them!

  10. Such a beautifully composed post. Great pictures and I could just feel you slowing down to just enjoy life. We are all too busy it seems. I am looking forward to the cooler air and the scent of fallen leaves. Nothing like that wonderful scent. I have noticed acorns fallen already on the trail I walk on and some muscadines have fallen, too which is a sure sign fall is near. Have a great weekend.

  11. Well, you know my feelings on balance and slowing down. It will be hard with both of my kids participating in fall sports, but I'm determined to do it. On my list: To keep the going-to-the-gym habit I established this summer. Getting to bed on time. Walks in the woods. Raking leaves. Board games in front of the fire. Pot roast. Family movie nights. Puzzles. And a little blogging. Can't give that up completely...writing and taking photos helps me experience all those pleasures more deeply.

  12. Your a young family and time goes so fast. Not only is your beautiful home evolving but your little ones are as well. Your pictures once more tell the story. I especially love the picture of Promise leaning down to the cart. So adorable. My husband and I always loved going for walks in the woods with our kids when they were little. Looking forward to someday having those "Take it all in" moments with our new twin grandchildren. Beautiful post Andrea.

  13. Great post!! I've been thinking a lot lately about how I want to simplify things in my life, slow down a bit and really enjoy life to the fullest.

  14. You chose to spend the day in the best possible way. The pictures of good dogs, kind horses and sweet little girls are are all the things that are really important in life. You may not have made anything tangible, but you have made great memories for three generations! ~ Maureen

  15. Hi Andrea!
    What beautiful family and cozy home you have :)
    Time is flying fast these days. Keep things simple and you'll finish your project on time. I have voted for you and best of luck to you!
    Have a good weekend :)

  16. I loved this post...It seems as the kids get older, we become busier and it makes me quite sad, if only I could have hold on to those days of infancy a bit longer, but I need to cherish each time now....
    I love Autumn and cannot wait to get some pumpkins and fill the kitchen with fresh pies =) Xo, Ashley

  17. When the mother learns this...she is able to put the priorities of her home in order and have a healthy balance indeed.

    Stopping, giving thanks, tasting life and seeing God.

    Could he be more present to us than in nature?

    Your photos are magical as always.

  18. Seems we all struggle with balance. I look back to when my kids were small and I didn't have the distractions which are now a part of every day life. The internet, cell phones, video games, etc. I still managed to keep busy so I can't imagine keeping up with everything in today's world. I remember feeling guilty because I let my daughter, then about 3 or 4, watch Sesame Street every day. :o) Enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard!

  19. ACORNS :) My little grandson just turned three and when we were gathering acorns out at my mom's last weekend before I told him the name of them he called them "little coconuts" :) I didn't post pics yet but I took some of him playing with them two days his bulldozer and dump truck

    ENJOY the season...I can see why you'd be tired of painting ! You've done enough this summer :)

  20. I feel Fall is a wonderful time for reflection....I believe Mother Nature tells us at that time of gorgeous brilliant leaves that eventually fall to allow the tree to rest...that we should take note and follow the signs of nature...Enjoy your family, as they are the gift of life..I so love your post today...such a message that we all need to follow!

  21. You are wise beyond your years. You have plenty of time to spruce things up, and taking a break helps keep it all in perspective. Life never really seems to slow down, even as we get older. Those quiet times with your children are the ones that count.

    Enjoy Autumn!


  22. I recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it. We’ve never met, but I think we have a lot of Friends in common. I enjoy the “feel” of your blog and love a lot of the same things you do.

    We struggle with balance, too, and sometimes feel after we get whatever we are dealing with done it will be easier, better, whatever. I’m learning, though, for us it doesn’t work that way. I’m tired of always waiting for tomorrow. It is important to make time for simple things, quiet times, slowing down and just enjoying life, but I’m learning that even in the middle of projects and busyness, there is still much to enjoy and I need to appreciate that, too. While I’m stripping paint, I can still enjoy the sounds of the birds singing, the sunlight filtering through the leaves on the trees above me, the gentle breezes, pleasant thoughts, etc. I don’t need to wait for the “perfect time” (which so far has never presented itself) (smile) or until we have everything perfect (which seems unlikely to ever happen) to make the most of right now. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful or wonderful.

    I envy you living so close to your mom. We’re still hundreds of miles from my parents, and it would be so nice to be just down the road.

  23. Hey sweetie! Love this post...our time is so precious, isn't it? And it goes by way too fast. Our little ones are suddenly grown up--believe me, it's in the blink of an eye.
    Your parents' farm is so lovely. What a great place for the girls to visit.
    I have really been enjoying your farmhouse projects lately. You two have gotten so much done around there. It looks amazing!
    And, I voted for your blog...congrats to you, very well deserved :)
    Have a great week!

  24. Good for you, taking time out to enjoy life and go see your parents. Wow, Promise is gorgeous. I didn't realize you lived so close to your mom. That's really so good for both of you. I'll bet your girls love to go to your mom's farm.


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