Thursday, January 3, 2013

Homemade Granola

 Yesterday evening I was craving a sweet snack, so I made a quick batch of granola.  With the cool weather here (not to mention an awful flu bug), we've been cooped up inside... which means I do quite a bit of baking as time in the kitchen is always a welcome way to pass the time while dreaming of warm summer days.

 I found a really wonderful recipe for granola that uses natural sweeteners.  I've been trying to cut down on the use of refined sugars in our diet (although by no means have I been completely successful).  This recipe uses pure maple syrup and honey to sweeten and tastes so delicious you won't even notice the difference. 

 You can find the recipe here.  I followed her instructions as written, but did eliminate the seeds (simply because I didn't have the majority of them in my pantry) and used an equal amount of melted unsalted butter instead of the coconut oil (again, because that is what I had). 

 The end result is crunchy, flavorful and practically guilt free.  (Not to mention cheaper.) 

 I love eating granola with milk, yogurt or even grabbing a handful plain to snack on.

Growing up, my mom frequently had a container of fresh homemade granola.  When I make it, it brings back memories of the smell of oats baking in the kitchen.  Do scents in the kitchen ever bring back memories for you?

Our breakfast this morning (smile). 

On the recipe site, it suggests using the granola as a hostess gift.  What a perfect idea!  That prompted me to think of cute (yet easy) packaging.  I love these round kraft paper labels that Avery makes.  You can even design your label online... they have all kinds of templates, or you can create something yourself, like I did here.  (I've used them for tags too in the past.) 

The labels fit perfectly on a mason jar lid.  Fill your jar with granola, tie a piece of twine around it, and you're done!

 The labels also work on the jars of your pantry goods, which is ultimately where my label ended up.  

I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as I have!

P.S.  As usual, I had an assistant at my "photo shoot"...(smile)

Bowl is from the Mikasa Antique White collection
Cloth napkin and milk pitcher are from Anthropologie (a few years ago)
Glass canister, mason jar, labels and jute twine all purchased from Wal-Mart
Red baker's twine ordered from Amazon


  1. Wow.. must try looks so yummy!! I hope you feel better....

  2. Your photos are so lovely. That looks like a delicious granola recipe!

  3. I'm going to get the wife on this !!! It's looks great and sounds yummy ! Have a great weekend

  4. I am not a big granola fan but this looks fun to make and give as gifts (I think I am the only one I know who is not a fan by the way!). I love your packaging and labels and as always, your photos are wonderful!


  5. The granola looks like a recipe I would love to try soon! Your pictures exude such a comforting, simplicity that almost hard to put to words, but whatever it is...I love it. I'm sure your home is a very warm and inviting place to be on these freezing cold days.
    I hope everyone is feeling better at your house, I'm just recovering from the flu myself. It wasn't pretty! ;)

  6. I am going to make some soon. I never have, but have been wanting to.

  7. Okay total yum. You make me so excited about granola.

  8. Great photos! I love making granola. It does smell divine as it bakes. It's been a while since I made granola, and have been thinking about it lately, so you've inspired me to do it this weekend. Thanks!

  9. Oh- That sounds SOOOOO good! My grandkids love granola- I will have to make some for them this winter- xo Diana

  10. Yummy, yummy! I haven't made granola in a looong time. Talking about memories - I remember my mom making granola too! She would make big batches and I remember begging her not to but the raisins in some of it just for me. Huh, hadn't thought about that in a while. Thanks!

  11. Your granola looks wonderful. I have a great lowfat granola recipe that we love. It also used natural sweeteners. I haven't fixed it in awhile but will be doing so soon since I have seen yours now.

    Hope you and your sweet family had a wonderful Christmas.

  12. Mmm, that sounds so good! Now that the holidays are over I need to get back to my better eating habits. That granola would be so good with an apple baked in the oven. xo

  13. You are amazing because this granola makes me feel like I haven't eaten in a year and I need some RIGHT now! :) It looks just delicious! Love your packaging and the idea of making it homemade and having it on hand for the family to enjoy.

  14. Yumm! I can't wait to try this recipe. Love your photos...would love to hear some photography tips from you!

  15. You are the best blogger - great ideas always and this one is outstanding!!! Thanks so much.

  16. Looks delicious!

    Best of luck with kicking the Flu Bug out of your home!

  17. Simply precious! Love the labels.

  18. I actually adore granola but avoid buying it because when it's around I eat the entire box myself. :o) Yours looks wonderful. I've been chatting with your mom. So enjoy her!

  19. The granola recipe sounds amazing! I've been looking for something new for breakfast. This seems perfect! Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Jamie

  20. Andrea, what a great idea. Gonna check it out and make some. Love your photos. It looks so pretty.

  21. Thanks Andrea....I want to try this.
    But then make everything look good.
    Feel better wishes~

  22. Andrea, this granola looks really good. I enjoy eating granola either hot or cold, but I cannot get my husband to eat it.How I wish he would. Truth is, if something is healthy to eat, it isn't usually on his list of favorite things. I might have to cut the recipe in half. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  23. I have always wondered, thank you for this great recipe. Your pictures tell a beautiful story, as always, I just LOVe your posts!!!! Jen

  24. We love homemade granola in our household...this recipe looks wonderful...and I love the labels...I will have to seek them out!...they look beautiful on the jars!!

  25. You are such a good and devoted mama!

  26. Just found your blog and I'm hooked! It is mine and my husbands' dream to own a little farmhouse someday. I'll just live vicariously through you for now! xo eden

  27. yum! this looks delicious!
    p.s. your pjotography is stunning and I loe that towel!


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