Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Planting

 All it takes is one spring day full of sunshine and I'm ready to dig in the dirt and plant!  Although it's definitely time for me to do my spring vegetable planting, we're still finishing up the painting of our new garden fence, so off to the nursery we went.

 During the past couple of years, we've planted a few blueberry bushes and a peach tree (which is blooming so prettily at the moment), but we still feel the need to add some additional fruit bearers.  So home we came with a good sized apple tree and some more blueberry bushes.  It seems a long way off to think of our trees producing fruit, and yet I have a feeling it will be here in a blink of an eye.

Sweet little blueberry blooms...

We also came home with six flats of annuals for the front porch flower boxes. We plant Vinca every spring - even at our previous home - because we've found it to be wonderfully tolerant of shady porches.

Fortunately I had some little helpers that also wanted to dig in the dirt!  (smile)


  1. Oh YAY! Well it won't be long for you now. Yippee!!!!

    It's been a very long hard winter. Spring, come soon here to Ohio, too!

    Your two helpers are beauties.

  2. sweet helpers indeed! Happy Spring and planting to you!

  3. I love your little helpers-that is the best part of gardening! I really love vinca, too, and I like using it in all my planters. xoDiana

  4. Oh, your pictures bring back such memories! I remember when my kids were younger and every year for Mother's Day we would go to the nursery and pick out flowers to plant. Enjoy these precious days! Thanks for sharing your memories in the making.

  5. No spring here yet but I love seeing plants going in somewhere! This gives me hope it will soon be here! Love the first days of planting.Girls look like they are having fun. So nice for them to help.They will grow up loving to do all that you do! Hoping our snow is gone for the Easter Hunt!! Happy planting!

  6. I'm going to need to channel your gardening prowess this year - there's a garden all set up at our new house and now I just need to figure out how to run it!

  7. Andrea, Your photos are so gorgeous. Your fruit trees are going to be so amazing! Pretty front porch flowers too. Have a great day! ~ Jamie

  8. oh beautiful!

    LOVE THIS.. it's getting me very excited for gardening - even as limited as I can. I'm still ready.

  9. Oh, look at the start you all have in the south. It is sunny but very windy here in the Midwest today, but our temps got cool wit tis crazy wind.. I am eager to be outside. I usually don't plant until around Mother's Day and yet that can be too soon up here sometimes. We have three apple trees and a lone wild raspberry bush that a little birdie helped with, at the edge of our garden. It produced quite a bit last summer. A nice treat, without having to venture into the woods behind us where there are a few more. I love blueberries. I will have to look into how those fare in our region. I can't wait to see your post revealing your new garden fence and look at your "big girl" helpers. Wow, how your sweet little family has grown. Happy planting and Happy Spring to you all.


  10. Beautiful springtime photos, can't wait to see your garden fence! Your projects are so inspiring. I like the expression "digging in the dirt", my husband teases me about this being my favorite hobby.


  11. Today is so beautiful here. But my buds are so tiny. So excited for warmer weather.
    The girls look so pretty.

  12. How interesting - in our Swiss climate, we could never have a peach tree (though there are some hardy apricots) and yet our vinca is a perennial! We have hot summers and (usually, except this year) cold winters and are at an altitude of about 400 m above sea level.


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