Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inside a Pantry

I fell in love with this old cupboard the moment I saw it. 

At the time we were living in our city house.  I didn't know where we would put it, but I knew I would find a spot!  I distinctly remember going home after seeing it in an antique store and begging my husband to not only let me buy it, but to drive the hour back to the store the next day so we could purchase it before anybody else saw what a find it was!

Little did I know at the time we would someday purchase a house in the country that had no pantry to speak of.  Not even an extra cabinet to store canned goods.  The cupboard that had been used as a wardrobe in our previous house fit perfectly in the corner of our new kitchen.  (See, it was meant for me!)

 The cupboard not only fit perfectly, but I wonder if it was made around the same era as our house.  The beadboard on the outside of the cupboard matches the original beadboard ceiling almost exactly.  (When we first moved in, this beautiful ceiling was covered with cardboard tiles... it was reminiscent of our ceiling adventure except with teal paint... another story for another time). 

I never did anything to spruce up the cupboard.  To me, it was perfect as it was, from the old paint to the original hardware.  

 The inside is simply natural wood.  All it gets is a periodic bath with soap and water.  

 However, like most pantries, it has seen some unorganized days.  This week I was flipping through the most recent Martha Food magazine and was inspired by this ad on the back cover.  I love the chalkboard labels but the nearest Staples is an hour away. Then I remembered I had some old labels that would be the perfect size, so I quickly made up some on the computer with a charcoal background to look like chalkboard. 

I made labels for anything in the pantry that wasn't easily identifiable. 

They adhered to every surface and are removable.

 Along with the addition of some needful labels, I also gave the pantry a spring cleaning. 

Organizing the canned goods in the pantry was just another reminder of how ready I am for warmer weather. 

I can't wait for fresh produce, sunshine, fireflies and evenings outside. 


  1. Hey! I'm your newest follower :)
    I love the labels. I've been wanting to do that.
    The cupboard is PERFECT! I love it!
    Hope to see you over at my place. Have a great day.
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  2. I love your pantry!!! This reminds me of when I found my china cabinet! Sometimes you find furniture that just speaks to you, and you know if you don't make it yours, you'll regret it the rest of your life. Anyway, that's how I explained it to my husband. I had no idea where I was going to put that china cabinet, but like you I knew I'd find a place for it, and every day it makes me smile!

    BTW, if you find your labels pealing off the jars, you can use a little clear packaging tape over the top. It keeps the label in place and can still be removed!

  3. I love the labels. What a great idea.

  4. Great little cabinet find! It really does look like it was meant to be in your home. Saw your post on Funky Junk Interiors party. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your cabinet. It's just so perfect and I wish it were mine! :)

  6. it is a really nice cupboard!!
    María from Spain

  7. Andrea,
    Last month when Nana was here, she brought us some old fashions oats in the neatest glass 1/2 gal jar. She said it was just a jar of pickles from WalMart. Eversince I have been dreaming about having pantry shelves painted in bright colors, no doors and several of those jars (filled with rice, beans, oatmeal, anything else we may need). Now I think I'll add the labels to my dream. Won't go shopping for the pantry until after our move though.
    Aunt Marilee

  8. Someday I want my pantry to be neat and organized! Someday....

  9. So cute! I love the look of your house! We are fans of old houses too - we live in a 1920s colonial in upstate NY, and love how much character these old houses have.

  10. Hey! I'm your newest follower!
    Love that Cupboard Pantry It's perfect!

  11. love your pantry...and who knew you would be able to have that lovely pantry in an old farmhouse.
    I recetnly switched all my boxed items in my pantry to glass as well and have some purchased chalkboard wallies that I plan to use to label them.
    Off to peruse the rest of your blog. : )


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