Monday, April 16, 2012

A Kitchen Garden

A couple weeks ago I planted my first garden at our country home.  I've had a garden only once before - a small raised bed at our previous house - so this was a new experience for me.  I know very little about gardening except from the little I've read and the questions I've asked.  But I'm hoping to learn.

We selected a spot in our yard close to our back deck.  I like the term "kitchen garden" and I feel like this accurately represents our garden because it's the first thing I see when I look out our kitchen window and it's also very convenient to quickly run out for something while cooking. 

(Do you see the patch of dirt?  This is nothing... right now it looks like our entire property is dirt!  We've been doing some extensive work outside, including bringing in dirt to raise the areas beside our house.  Hopefully in the next couple of years we will have nothing but beautiful grass!)

Our garden size is approximately 22 x 22.  I drew up a plot map so I knew exactly where everything should go.  I stuck this plan away with all of the seed packets so I can refer back to it if needed.  

Then we rototilled and prepped the soil for planting. 

A few days later on a beautiful Saturday morning Jillian, Rosetta and I went outside and planted.  It was so sweet having Jillian at an age where she could actually help me plant and dig holes.  

After planting (and while the girls were napping), I laid out pine straw between the rows.  And then I just stood there wondering how it would be possible for those little seeds to grow.  I was so sure that I would do something wrong and nothing would come up.

 But then this weekend I went outside to do some work and noticed I had a little cucumber sprout.  It was hard to imagine how a little seed could grow into something that would bring forth something so delicious.  A miracle...

And now just a couple days later my entire garden is covered in little sprouts.  It feels rewarding, not only for myself but also for Jillian.

In addition to planting seeds, I also bought some mature plants. 



 Several tomatoes (I hope to have plenty to can this summer).

 And some fresh herbs, like rosemary, which I've already been enjoying.

In addition to planting a garden this year, we also wanted to add some fruit bushes and trees.  When we made a trip to our new local home improvement store, I was so excited to see these mature blueberry bushes that came from a neighboring state.  

They already had little berries forming.  

 Our other weekend purchase was a swing for Rosetta.  You may have noticed that the swing-set is conveniently located right next to the garden.  The girls swung and swung this weekend while we worked around the yard.  Jillian loved pushing her little sister and Rosetta was all smiles.

Sweet springtime gardening fun!


  1. I love your garden and it is going to be absolutely beautiful!! Your soil looks great, too:). How fun to have your girls helping. My kids love to garden and it is so fun to have them a part of something we all enjoy).


  2. Your garden is going to be amazing! I've never had a large vegetable garden although, I have always wanted one. I'm too busy trying to fill flower beds that I build and never quite fill. I usually stick some herbs in with my flowers. Your property is so pretty. :)

  3. We have our garden ready to plant but have not yet gotten anything into the ground. I have planted lots of herbs in containers on my deck right outside my kitchen. I love herbs!

    Can't wait to see how your garden grows. :)

  4. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing those first little shoots! Wise choice in getting the mature blueberry bushes. Mine have been in for 2 years and I've yet to see a berry! ~ Maureen

  5. Gardening is a wonderful thing to share with your children. My plants from Burpee should arrive in two days and I can't wait to get them planted along with the herbs,zinnia's, squash, and cucumbers. Happy Gardening!


  6. We planted our garden this weekend :) I love fresh veggies. My mom has taught me so much about canning and preserving. It is especially rewarding during the winter months.


  7. You are going to have so much fun. Be careful with the mint as it will take over. I do mine in pots on the deck. I do not have any this year but I have basil, rosemary, and English lavender. Happy Gardening.

  8. Oh this is fabulous! I wish I had that much space to garden! I love how you planed it all out. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Isn't it so wonderful that we can grown our own goods. I just planted in my new raised garden bed and guess what? I ran out of room. Ha. So that means, I need to build another one with Hubs. You are going to love the mint. Just make sure you keep eye on it. It can run crazy.

  10. Looks like you're going to have a great garden. I am always so excited when the seeds start sprouting! It's good that you are planning out your garden on paper. I write down the dates when I plant the seeds, so I can refer to it for next year. The Self Sufficient Gardener is a great reference book, if you need one.


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