Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Snowball Bush

This spring we've been discussing various bushes we would like to plant between our house and our neighbor's for some additional privacy.  One of the shrubs we read about was a snowball bush.  What attracted us to it was its height (up to 12') and large blooms.

Across the street from us is an old abandoned house and one morning I looked out the window and noticed there was a bush with hundreds of white blooms on it. 

So the girls and I put our tall boots on and trudged through the thick grass to investigate.  The blossoming shrub was crowded by another thorny bush, but I brought home some blooms and realized then it was a snowball bush. The flower clusters are just beautiful.

Since then I've gone back a couple times for more clippings and this afternoon I set an arrangement on our front porch.  Despite its nearby home having been neglected, this bush has deep roots and is still growing strong.  I'm so glad we've gotten to enjoy its beauty this year.

What are some of your favorite bushes?


  1. Oooo. Lovely. I really don't have enough flowering bushes here so I'm hoping to add lots over the next few years. I love lilacs, hydrangeas, forsythia, oh, pretty much all of them. So far, we only have a lilac (that I know of). I've been admiring those snowball bushes for the last few years though, maybe I'll add one of those to my list.

  2. That is a beautiful bush. Your front porch is just gorgeous with the rockers, the bouquet, the little table...everything.

  3. A snowball would be perfect with your white house! Last year, I planted a new kind of lilac that is continuous blooming and grows to 5 Ft. The idea of picking lilacs all summer is so exciting! ~ Maureen

  4. I have 2 snowball bushes on our old farmstead. They transplant well and never fail to bloom. You can't beat them for filling up blue fruit jars for display. If only they smelled good too!

  5. Oh, I'm a sucker for Snowball Flowers. However, I live in a climate WAY too hot for them to grow.
    But just for fun you can go here:

    to see how I put some of all colors in blue Ball jars. I could never get enough!!!
    Happy Spring,

  6. I LOVE snowball bushes. I have one but it is a baby and doesn't have the huge blooms yet. But my next door neighbor has a large one with unbelievable blooms. You can't go wrong with them. :)

  7. Snowball bushes are so pretty! I want on too!

  8. The snowball bush is so beautiful. I hope you were able to plant some of it for yourself. This is such a wonderful post! I would love it if you would share this at our WIW linky party. Hope to see you there.


  9. I came over from romantic home blog to see others and how they decorate, sugar. How cute is that home of yours! I like your blog because it's so "clean" and not cluttered with a lot of froufrou or ads. I'm putting you in my Google Reader because I shall be back! Ooooh, honey, snow?!?! in the south?!?! Darling munchkins also.

  10. Hey there!! Gorgeous porch and love the blooms :)
    I am so excited to find you...and may have to meet you one day when we come through Tennessee. I'll be keeping up...

  11. Hi. Here by way of Brenda's Cozy Little House. Beautiful blooms and I love your porch. I follow all thing cottage or COZY. (Just love that word COZY)

  12. Hi! I found your blog through Cozy Little House. What a lovely home you have! I really enjoy peeking at the pictures you have taken of your children. Mine are similar in age and I enjoy seeing what other mommies do with their kids to keep them busy. Thanks for sharing!

    PS I am a new follower.

  13. Hi there....I'm visiting from over at Cozy Little House...
    glad I stopped by...I too love this bush! We are in the
    nursery business and I love almost ALL plants...
    Hope you will take time to stop over for a visit..
    Many blessings for a wonderful Easter Weekend...

  14. I almost cried when I read your post. I can almost smell the snowballs. I grew up where we always had a snowball tree, in Oregon
    , It brought back a flood of memories, we are living in So. Cal where there arent any,

  15. Just popped over to see you from Brenda's Cozy Little House....what a lovely blog you have! The snowball bush is beautiful. Wishing you a very Happy Easter.
    Helen x

  16. I can't believe how big your snowball bush is....we also have on but it is much smaller! They do smell so good!!! I also love azaleas and hydrangeas too!


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