Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Changes on a Kitchen Cabinet

Hi there!
Today I thought I'd share some photos of a few changes I made yesterday in our kitchen.  You may have noticed if you've looked at our kitchen photos before that our kitchen is a little awkward and has limited cabinet space.  Shortly after we moved in, I found this freestanding wood cabinet and brought it home for extra storage.  It stands next to our other freestanding white cabinet, which we use as a pantry.

Previously I've used the shelves above the cabinet to store pretty dishes, but recently I "bought" (I put bought in quotations since really these were practically given to me... more on that in a minute) three half-gallon size mason jars to add to the one I already had and yesterday realized I should actually utilize these jars to store some dry foods.

 And as it happens, these three jars come with a story... can you believe that last week I had the opportunity to meet somebody that I found through my blog?  I never imagined that a fellow blogger would live less than an hour away from me... and that I would not only meet her in person, but actually consider her a true friend!  But last week Amy was having a vintage yard sale and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to meet.  And it was... Amy is so genuinely sweet, has the loveliest family, a beautiful home and amazing style.  (If you haven't visited her blog, All Things Home, you must be sure to stop by and say hello.  You'll love her!) 

I filled the jars with dry foods I use frequently, like rice and grits. 

I did leave a shelf for these pretty cups and saucers though... I love this pattern.  

I also have some antique silverware displayed here.  I have two sets of mismatched silverware... one set we use, but this set the plating has chipped in spots so it just sits here looking pretty in an old crock.  

 I bought most of this together and I knew it was meant for me when I found one piece monogrammed with an "A".  (smile)

An old postage scale.  I love this old scale because it actually works.

(In fact, one day I actually noticed my scale missing and later found out my dad had borrowed it to weigh some animal feed!)

Looking forward to doing some canning this summer...  

 The cabinet itself is used to store additional cookbooks, my Bosch mixer and aprons.

 Anyway, it's always fun to make a few changes, especially when it frees up room in the pantry!  And this display seems so appropriate for our farmhouse kitchen. 

What do you like to use your vintage mason jars for?


  1. I love, love everything and your dish pattern is especially lovely! The cabinet is just amazing!! What a neat opportunity to meet someone who follows your blog! I am off to visit Amy!


  2. So glad you & Amy finally got to meet! I'm sure it was a wonderful sale. Those ball jars make great storage and look lovely on your cabinet. We are coming for a visit in July, maybe we could arrange a meeting :) I'd love that

  3. I love your changes! You can't go wrong with vintage jars. I use mine to store "littles" like old clothespins and such. I also just showcase them empty.

  4. I love the added use of the mason jars. I also use mason jars for all my dried goods, but I keep them inside my pantry. They look so pretty on your old country cabinet!

  5. I love everything about your wood cabinet display! The mason jars filled with the dry food, the pretty tea cups, the scale and the vintage cutlery. It all looks perfect together. I adore using mason jars for just about anything. In my kitchen I have all my loose leaf tea in them, I use them as candle holders. In the bathroom to store cotton balls and hair accessories. The uses could go on and on. Anyway, your farmhouse kitchen is just beautiful. Visiting from Wow us Wednesday. ~ Jamie

  6. What a gorgeous and homey vignette!Everything you need, close at hand, yet displayed so prettily. I have jars just like yours. You may have just inspired me to pull them out of the basement!
    By the way, I checked out Amy's blog. Love it!

  7. This looks wonderful! I love the mason jars for the storage. Great cabinet!

  8. I love your cabinet and your whole kitchen! It's perfectly country, just like I love. And I think I have a bit of a mason jar obsession. I store everything in them and love to use them as vases. I mainly collect the blue ones but last week I saw a peachy pink one. I passed on it but kick myself everyday! :)

  9. That's such a homey and pretty display! My kitchen is small and I use all my vintage jars and crocks to hold foodstuffs. There's something heartwarming about using a piece that you know has passed through so many hands. ~ Maureen

  10. My goodness...

    Where to start on my love of mason jars.

    I use them for Every.Thing!

    my list...would be too long for this comment box! lol.

    I'll add though that this post is all things cozy;-)

  11. What a pretty, and cozy, display! I love mason jars too.

  12. What a fabulous display, love the jars. See you at My Dream Canvas :) Have a great day! Anu

  13. I love your home! I just got a bunch of blue mason jars!!

  14. I love your arrangement, and the cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture...thanks for this treat to my eyes. Gail (@1-Minute BibleLoveNotes.com)

  15. Love your style. I have several jars stashed away just waiting for use.

  16. How lovely! I do use vintage jars for the same purpose: dry food!
    And biscuits too!!
    This blogworld is so amazing, thanks to our blogs we reach people we would not be able to otherwise!
    A blessing!

  17. Hey sweet friend. What a kind way to introduce me to your friends. Thanks for the kind words. It was actually our great pleasure to meet you all.

    I love that cabinet. You have set it up beautifully. Love your jars and so glad they made there way into your farm kitchen.

    Just took Faith to grandparents house..Keith still at camp..Donnie in DC...just Beth and I.

    Hope to see you again real soon.

  18. I love your cabinet and the mason jars look perfect on it. I have about 30 blue ball jars and I like to use them to store all my craft odds and ends...beads, buttons, glitter, etc.

  19. What a perfectly cozy vignette!! I love everything that you've displayed, love the cabinet too!
    Here via WOW.

    Love your blog!
    Your Newest follower!

  20. What a pretty storage solution. I love when our vintage stuff is actually put to use. Nice job.

  21. Love the way the jars look with dry goods in them. Never thought of that. I love anything done with ball jars and I have several myself. Found you via a blog hop and am now a new folower.

  22. LOVE those large mason jars! I would love to find some like that for our pantry when we redo it! I need to start looking at yard sales, thrift stores and antique shops! Lovely!

  23. I love a farmhouse kitchen! Yours is great. I like your mason jars filled with foods you'll use frequently. That's both useful and decorative! I can relate to your not having a pantry. My home didn't come with one either, so we use the laundry room and a freestanding cabinet. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me and becoming a follower. I'm happily following you now too.

  24. Changing things around is an inexpensive way to redecorate, and you've done it well. You can never have too many jars as they
    Are handy for so many things.

  25. I love your little stairstep cupboard! I use my blue jars in the bathroom to hold soap, cotton balls, etc.

  26. It looks fabulous! I need to do some changes in my kitchen cupboards.

  27. A lovely functional display! Canning jars are great for just about everything!

  28. I love the piece of furniture. What a treasure to have in your farmstyle kitchen. The arrangement on the piece is so fitting. I love the large mason jars, how lucky you are to find them. So nice that you and Amy got to meet. We have several bloggers here in Savannah and we have lunched together. ou remind me, we should plan another visit soon.
    Havee a great weekend, Ginger

  29. First of all, you found a terrific cupboard for display and storage. Love how you are using your ball jars. Perfect farmhouse styling! I really like the cozy feel you've created in your kitchen.
    Mary Alice

  30. Your kitchen looks so homey and cute! I love it. I use mason jars to put flowers in, especially this time of year!

  31. I love canning jars, too.
    I find many uses for them all around my home.
    I love the silverware in the crock.
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. I absolutely love this! The whole look gives off such a warm, welcoming, homey feel. :)

  33. Love your cabinet display and all of your great vintage things! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  34. I love this piece of furniture! It looks so good with all of your jars and pretty vintage items. It really goes so well with your farmhouse kitchen. I'm off to visit Amy's blog!

  35. I love your display! I've been collecting aqua blue Ball jars, too, but haven't done anything with them yet.


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