Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Simple Things

 Happy Thursday!  The weekend is almost here.  

We have some changes coming in our lives (all for the good), but it's made for a busy week.  

Early this week we had rain... wonderful, needful rain... two nights in a row.  Since then we've had the AC turned off and the windows open.  And in spite of things needing to be done indoors, we've taken every chance we've had to spend time outside.   

  I hope you don't mind me sharing a little of our week outside with you.  It seems that a few photos are all that I do have to share! 
 After the rain, they came to hay across the street from us and now you can see rows and rows of corn growing.

 The annuals in the flower boxes are starting to fill in.

But you have to watch this little one... she loves that potting soil.  (smile)

 I always have some hydrangea clippings around the house.  But my favorite place to enjoy them is in the kitchen...

The garden has been flourishing and I ate two cucumbers for an afternoon snack today.  (With salt, my favorite.) 

But oh, I could have cried tonight when I saw squash bugs...

The green beans seem to love their new fence though...

Even in the midst of going and to-do lists, there's always time to enjoy the simple things.  Spending time with my family outside always brings laughter, smiles and contentment.

(Well, except for the squash bugs) 

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  1. Posts like this one really fill my heart and feed my soul! ALL ALL so beautiful!
    I love hay balls, don't you?

    And your chubby little one, how precious!!!


  2. I love your rows of corn. We have a field of it across the street too! And something else we have in common: I've been battling bugs on my cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, watermelons, etc. etc. for the last week. Ugh! I think I might be winning, but there are still some there. Horrifying!

  3. If I had photos of my week, they would be mostly gray! It turned cold again this week, and I had to wear my long fleecy pants to bed again last night. So it is nice to enjoy these images and live summer vicariously. Ours is coming, I know it...but probably not this weekend. :-)

  4. What lovely photos! Your hydrangeas are stunning. They are a favorite of mine. My garden is too 'young' so I can't cut them and bring them indoors -- yet!

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Yum, dirt! Beautiful pics. ~ Maureen

  6. The simple things are always the best. If that makes you happy, your children will probably follow suit. In the potting soil!

  7. I love seeing the photos! Your hydrangeas bushes are gorgeous, but those precious babies of yours are beyond gorgeous.

    I LOVED meeting you all today. What a blessing...what a thrill.

    I am exhausted but eager for tomorrow.

  8. Your Hydrangeas are gorgeous. My flowers are just starting to form. Your so ahead of us here in Illinois. Envious of that gorgeous blue. I need to get that variety. Your garden is obviously doing well. Nothing better than home grown veggies. Fun times with your precious family. Always enjoy your posts.

  9. Ahhh, sleeping with the windows open is one of the great joys of life! I have to admit I'm a little envious of your hydrangeas! That color is unbelievable! Our lilacs are just budding here, we are so behind the rest of the country??

  10. Your little girl is so precious! And your hydrangeas are such a beautiful color. I love being outdoors too. I just wish I had that view instead of the backyards of other houses.

  11. Beautiffuly simple blog.Glad I found you.


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