Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cozy Coop Update: The Interior

 As hard as it is to believe, three months have passed and our chicks have grown by leaps and bounds.  Regardless, I still refer to them as the "chicks" and we still enjoy them just as much today as we did when they were so little. 

 Although not nearly as clean as it was a few months ago (smile), the coop has been a great home.  The hens spend the majority of their time outdoors, but they love their house too.

 They're big enough now to spend some time ranging free in the yard.  They love vegetable scraps and oatmeal... when they see me walking towards them, they come running because they know I usually have a treat for them. (I have to try to remember to give them scraps when Justus is at work... otherwise he persuades me to let him take them out so that he is their "favorite"!)

Except for two Rhode Island Reds, each hen has her own look... it's kind of fun (especially for the girls) to be able to tell them apart so easily. 

 I named this hen Marigold.  She is the friendliest... and the most inquisitive.  Just look at her trying to figure out my camera! 

 Poor Huck... he always wants to play. 

We left the interior in its natural state... not only was it easier, but it also gives a nice fresh woodsy smell.  Although Justus used some 2x4s for framing, most of the interior is made up of pine planks.  I like how Justus built a little roof over the nesting boxes with some of the weathered boards. 

Ever since we moved out to the country we've been looking forward to the day we could have chickens.  It brings back so many memories of my own childhood when I helped take care of our family laying hens.  They haven't even started laying eggs yet and we already consider them a wonderful addition to our family! 


  1. Your hens are very pretty! Ours all look the same, we joke that they have names but we really can't tell them apart. I had no idea they liked oatmeal!

  2. What a nice coop and they have grown bunches. Yes, you stay their favorite.

  3. I just love your hens and their beautiful home! I think it would be so neat to have fresh eggs. I know you will enjoy having them when they start laying.

  4. How fun to watch them grow! They are beautiful. I know you all enjoy them.


  5. I love your hens, and the coop. So lovely. But I must say, Huck is so big and handsome. I want to kiss him. Too sweet.

  6. How charming! You should be getting eggs very soon...I'd say early August, and they'll be tiny but totally sweet!

  7. What fun...I love your coop and your chickens!!!

  8. Such a nice coop! Where do they roost at night? They will want to get up someplace high probably. We use pine shavings instead of straw because we found it was a lot easier to clean and stay dry. When they get close to laying I'd suggest putting some golf balls in the nest boxes to encourage them.

  9. Marigold has so much personality! Amazing. Poor Huck.. is he a poodle with a puppy cut? My toy poodle loves our cats and thinks he is one.

  10. The coop looks very nice! So fun to see your charming photos :)


  11. What a great update! I can't believe how fast the hens have grown. They are so pretty and they are lucky to have such a nice home and sweet family to care for them. Keep us posted on when they start laying eggs!

  12. My how they have grown...and they are so beautiful!...Your chicken coop is wonderful!...loved the photos!!

  13. I love your coop. It really looks great. And your chicks look so sweet. I can not wait till we can have our own chicks.

  14. What a cozy little spot you've created for them! I'd love to have chickens...I'll bet they are so fun to watch! We had ducks for awhile and I couldn't get over how different their personalities were from each other.

  15. I love chickens! Awesome coop!

  16. I wish I lived out in the country and had chickens...they are so pretty and I love their coop!

  17. Hey, Andrea! Looks like you're enjoying a wonderful summer! Your chicken coop is super cute. I love all the different colors of the chickens. What are all their names? I've probably missed lots of posts, I'll go back and look... We're doing great here. My little Olivia Grace is 6 wks. old now. I can hardly believe it!I hope to get back into blogging on a regular basis sometime soon. Summer is really flying by. Anyway, have a great weekend. Love, Jamie

  18. I'm wondering where the roosts are going to go? This is such a great idea!

    1. Hi Courtney - I really need to update the interior photos, but I keep putting it off because I also need to clean the coop! ;-) The roost inside the coop is on the upper part alongside one wall.


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