Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Sun is Shining

 The sun is shining and the sunflowers are blooming... could there be a more perfectly suited combination in the summer?

 It has been amazing to watch the sunflowers (an heirloom Tiger Eye Mix Sunflower) grow from tiny little seeds placed in the ground to buds that are beginning to form on tall stalks.

Almost overnight it seemed, vibrant blooms in assortments of reds, oranges and yellows emerged.  

The colors have been such a beautiful addition to the garden (not to mention the bees that have been enjoying them so much) that I haven't quite wanted to cut them yet.  

But blooms are popping up all over now, so soon I think a few cut will hardly make a dent (smile).  

Unfortunately, anthills are also a part of summer, which is exactly where I ended up standing while taking these pictures... ouch!  I could probably write a book of all the funny (or maybe not so funny) things that have happened to me while I'm taking photos! 

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Such gorgeous and fun flowers for your girls to enjoy :) Lots of rain here in NC, looking forward to a little sunshine!

  2. Your sunflowers are stunning. The colors are so pretty.
    I also have to mention that your daughters are simply beuatiful.
    Have a Happy 4th of July!

  3. I wish I were a painter- I would paint a picture of those sunflowers. What GREAT pictures! xo Diana

  4. sunflower is one of my favorite flowers
    too. they look as tall as your house and
    beautiful color! they are like summer cheerleader.

  5. So lovely. It's been miserable here in the north east, rain rain and more rain. So your post is very promising.

  6. Your pictures look great !

  7. Truly beautiful pictures that you have taken. Sunflowers are a staple of country living!

  8. And what amazing photos they are! Sorry about the ant bites. Here it's the mosquitoes that are getting us every time we step outside.

  9. Beeeeee-yooooo-ti-ful! Sunflowers are my favorite! :)

  10. Those are wonderful photos! While I love open blooms, there is something about the second one that is really striking to me.

    We've got things growing, too. Our tomato plants seem to have doubled in the last two days. So excited to think we'll be eating food we grew ourselves soon.

  11. I agree with Diana...you should either frame one of these or have it reproduced as a print. Just amazing. I am also amazed at how you can grow anything!! I tried planting sunflowers several years ago and was a dismal failure. I just don't get enough sun. Enjoy the 4th with your family. Tell your mom I said Hi!

  12. Beautiful photos, especially the first one. I believe that might need to find its way to a wal spot in your house!
    Gardening brings so much joy, doesn't it! :)

  13. How could you ever be in a bad mood with those gorgeous sunflowers. C:

  14. What beautiful pictures. I love sunflowers, they are such beauties and are very happy flowers.


  15. These are beautiful and your blueberry pictures below couldn't be sweeter! I just love seeing the photographs of your beautiful farmhouse and happy little family. What a blessing.

  16. Beautiful photos!Happy 4th!

  17. SUnflowers are one of my all time favorite flowers and I love how we can grow so many varieties now.

  18. I don't know where I have been, but I just found your blog. Your house evokes the feeling I am trying to achieve in my new "old" house, and I cannot wait to make some changes because I can see where I have gone wrong. :) People cannot understand why I want my new house to look old! NOTHING beats a truly old farmhouse. Thank you for bringing back the charm to your home. This Minnesota girl loves it!!!


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