Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Gardening

I love this stage in the garden... checking each day to see new blooms and fruits and vegetables growing and ripening.  Anticipating all of summer's bounty. 


 When we left for our family vacation, most of the plants in the garden were still so small.  While we were away, it rained plenty and when we came home we could hardly believe how much everything had grown.  In fact, we actually didn't arrive home until about midnight - and once we transferred the girls into their bed, (despite bleary eyes) Justus was calling for me to come look at how much the tomatoes had grown - all in the dark.  :-)  

Naturally, along with that came a lot of weeds and grass, and I've very slowly been trying to get the garden in a more manageable state. 

I think we may have squash by next week!

 Three years ago we planted two grape vines at the back of our property and we can hardly believe how well they are doing this year!  I didn't get a picture, but this afternoon the girls were actually laying underneath the arbor with a blanket, playing and giggling in the shade it provided. 

 I think I may be making grape jelly this summer!  There must be a hundred clusters.

And while I was taking these photos, I actually noticed a sweet little nest tucked into the vines, complete with four beautiful eggs.    

 This year I have really had a helper in the garden and I just love it.  Jillian has been helping me pull weeds and pick lettuce (voluntarily even), while Rosetta makes endless amounts of mud cookies and cakes.  


Lastly, I'm sorry for the delay, but after a busy week I finally got around to randomly drawing two winners for a copy each of the New American Homesteader magazine.  They are NanaDiana and Farrah.  I've notified both via email. 

I wanted to mention also that I was so incredibly touched by all the kind comments left on that post.  I wish so badly I had enough copies to give to everyone!  Thank you again for reading and for your encouragement.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Father's Day weekend!  


  1. Looking great! I just love summer gardening. Ours this year is our best garden yet. We've been enjoying tons of kale, collards, lettuce and other greens and we just recently harvested our garlic and onions. Had radishes earlier. Can't wait for the rest of the veggies about to come :)

  2. Everything looks amazing! Same for me this year, it seems as if my tomatos are growing so rapidly and I just love it! My girls love helping out too and I love to be able to pass it along. xoxo ~Ashley

  3. Oh- It all looks spectacular! I can't believe how lush and beautiful everything is...and that picture of your daughter is just precious- magazine worthy! Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day with your hubby- xo Diana

  4. look at your wonderful garden and those grape vines. amazing. got to get out and take care of some weeds in mine today. have a great weekend.

  5. I love this stage of the garden, too!! I didn't plant many veggies but have focused on my cutting garden. I need to get the sweet peas tied up to their newly built supports. Have a lovely Father's Day with your hubby and dad :)

  6. The garden looks so good. I'll bet the girls are looking forwards to the robins being born!

  7. Love the photos of the garden and your beautiful little helper! My gardening days have been reduced to pots on the porch (which unfortunately don't get enough sun!) but I do love to watch the success of others. You could frame these photos!


  8. Your garden is coming along wonderfully. How exciting! I'm working on getting things ready for mine....about to move a picket fence around it. I'm sure it will have to be a fall garden though! You're always an inspiration.

  9. Such a fabulous garden and how great are those grapevines...I guess there are always weeds among the bounty of the garden...What a wonderful surprise to see that bird's nest...

  10. Your grapevine arbor is a thing of beauty! I recently came across an interesting adage regarding vines, which you might already know:
    First year it sleeps.
    Second year it creeps.
    Third years it leaps.

    It appears that your grapevine has leapt!

  11. Your grapevine looks beautiful! Sounds like your garden is doing just as well and you have a little cutie to help you too!

  12. Beautiful summer pictures. I've been following your blog for awhile. Such open spaces with kids and animals, living near a road ( I know you're out there watching them) amazes me. So use to being fenced in suburban land. Restful looking at your property without the walls. Kathleen in Az


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