Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Ceiling Adventure

One of the beauties of owning an old house is making new discoveries.  When we recently decided to take the plunge and remodel our dining room, we weren't sure if we were prepared to discover what was lurking underneath those ugly cardboard ceiling tiles.  Although we were pretty confident that the original tongue and groove beadboard was underneath, we had no idea what kind of condition it would be in.  Will it have holes and missing pieces and will we be able to make any repairs? 

Imagine our excitement when we lifted a ceiling tile and discovered beadboard that appeared to be in perfect condition and had never been painted.  

I'm not sure I can fully describe the work involved (pulling down the tiles, pulling out the staples, peeling off the very old wallpaper, removing the wallpaper glue, brushing off remaining glue and finally wiping down) or the mess.

After debating the pros and cons, we decided to brush a thin layer of poly on to seal everything.   The end result looks amazing.  

The only spot in the ceiling that has a hole of any sort is covered by something of long ago.... I've seen something similar in another bedroom in our house, except the hole was covered with a canning lid.  :-) 

 Here is a picture of the dining room before we bought our house (the only picture I can find that shows the previous ceiling tiles).

I can't wait  to share the after pictures of the entire dining room with you!


  1. Wow. what a difference,huh?
    That ceiling is beautiful-- even with the small piece of tin (or whatever) covering the hole.

    You worked hard on that ceiling. I love your floors too and the peek into your dining...can't wait to see the whole thing!

  2. I know the hard work was worth it to get this beautiful ceiling. Oh my, what a discovery.

  3. Ugh. I have those tiles on top of the plaster ceiling in two rooms. We took the tiles down in our room. Oh. My. Thanks for showing me it can get better! It's a disaster right now!!!


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