Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Missing Piece

Hi all!  I hope you've had a wonderful week and 4th of July!  We sure did... this week we've made fun memories with family and friends.  For the 4th of July, we went with my family to Sewanee, TN after reading about their 4th of July celebration in Southern Living.  What fun!  It's a small town, home of the University of the South, full of amazing architecture and some beautiful homes.  This picture I wanted to share with you... it was my favorite home off the main road that we walked by several times... I just loved the simplicity of the old flag hanging on the porch.

Today we were gone all day, spending time with my husband's family and going to a birthday party.  When I came home I had a present waiting for me from my sweet mom.  Several years ago she gave me a set of Pyrex dishes for my birthday.  They are the familiar Butterprint pattern (I believe it was originally introduced around 1957) and since then I have used the dishes every single day.

The set included a couple refrigerator dishes...

A butter dish...

And my favorite, three mixing bowls.   I use all three, but I tend to use the largest bowl most frequently.  Originally, there was also a larger nesting bowl that my mom was unable to find at the time.

So you can imagine my excitement when I opened her sweet out-of-the-blue present and found the largest bowl. 

Oh, I love these dishes.  I love the sweet country pattern and especially that these dishes seem virtually indestructible... they go through the dishwasher and have survived many "bumps and scratches" in my kitchen! 

A bowl set complete...

And my new large bowl is already in use... filled with sweet blueberries from my mother-in-law and father-in-law's farm.  

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!  This morning we just finished our latest outdoor project and I'm anxious to take pictures and share it!


  1. How sweet! I'm happy for you that you have the full set now. I would have been a mad woman scouring the thrift stores. :)

    I love that house...and how the red stripes on the flag look faded.

  2. What a beautiful home, and I too love the simplicity of the flag! Oh wow, I just purchased a dish just like these at a garage sale. It is shaped like a bread pan, but mini. Well, that is what I was going to use it for anyway... small loaves of bread. Now, I'm kind of inspired to keep a look out for the other pieces!

  3. What a gorgeous old piece-and now your set is complete. I have certain bowls that I use all the time for EVERYTHING! xo Diana

  4. Dear Andrea,
    LOVE. Mom's really do give the most awesome gifts! That blue is my fave and several (mixed patterns/colors) pyrex bowls sit in a stack on my counter and I can hardly wash them as fast as I use them. The pictures are beautiful too, BTW.

    Happy Blue in NE

  5. My mom had or has dishes like this. I love the old fashioned ones. She has another set of small casseroles that I know collectors like though the name escapes me...they are the solid color rectangular variety ( green, a pinkish orange, etc )

    by the way...
    I have nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”
    Info about this award nomination can be found here

    I really enjoy and appreciate your blog : )

  6. My mom had this exact set. Oh brings back memories. Thanks for sharing. I have to go ask her what ever happened to the set.

  7. That's the fun of collecting, isn't it? Putting together sets of pretty but versitile dishes that fit everyday living.

  8. What a treat your blog is and those bowls are a real treasure. Hugs, catherine x

  9. My mom has some of those, too. I thought they were ugly as a child, but they bring back good memories now, my mom has a big bowl with handles, hard to describe the shape, it is like a big mixing bowl with spouts for handles, we ate a lot of meals from that bowl, ham and beans, chicken and dumplings....

  10. Seeing that pattern brings back so many memories! My mother had the refrigerator dishes and a casserole dish and she used them all the time. Now that she has left us I have them and they always remind me of all the yummy things she used to make. They just make me feel loved. It sounds like you have a wonderful mom and I'm so happy you set is now complete. You are making some good memories with your girls and I'm sure they will grow to love this set too.


  11. Your Pyrex bowls are such a pretty color. The ones I see around here are orange or some other color that is not so pretty and they are usually scratched. Yours look to be in good condition. You have a very nice blog with nice photos. I think you probably have a wonderful mother like mine who loves buying things that she knows would make me happy. Aren't we lucky? -------- Shannon

  12. I love that Pyrex pattern! It's one of my favorites.

    However, I would totally caution against putting your Pyrex in the dishwasher. They can etch easily. I learned this from experience.

    Love this easy going blog!

  13. Beautiful bowls! Too nice to put in the dishwasher! You can see dishwasher damage on the blogs: The Pyrex Collective, Pyrex collective II and Pyrex Collective III. You may not notice it at first but it totally fades and loses shine. They are vintage, so irreplaceable. Do use and enjoy them. They are so pretty, I don't mind hand washing and they look pretty in the drainer. Beth K.

    1. You've convinced me! I'll start hand washing them. :-)

  14. Oh have me completely hooked. I am going to be scouring yard sales now for those bowls! They are so pretty:). Glad you had a wonderful 4th!


  15. First of all, your home is beautiful!

    Secondly, I absolutely love Butterprint. It's my favorite pattern. I have the Cinderella bowls, but really want these, too. That's so sweet of her to give you all of this, and to have found that big bowl for you.

  16. I love that pattern. You will have to let me know what pieces you are looking for in case I ever spot any.

  17. That's just like a mom to do something like that.


  18. I just bought 3 pieces from this set this weekend at The World's Longest Yard Sale. They look like 3 small casserole type dishes, round with small handles on each side. I remembered reading this post and immediately thought of you when I saw them. : )

  19. I have a set of those mixing your page


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