Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pictures with Zinnias

 I love zinnias.  My mom has zinnias galore in her garden and she's been bringing me bouquets to enjoy each week.  Next year I definitely plan to plant some in my garden... they're easy to grow and come in such a wide variety of cheerful colors. 

My mom had no idea when she brought these zinnias over they would be used as a prop for a photo session.  (smile) 

 This week I took Rosetta out one afternoon to try and get some one-year-old pictures.  As usual, the camera came out and the smiles went away.  So, since the zinnias were so conveniently sitting on the porch where she had left them for me, I thought one might help.

When I downloaded the photos, I couldn't keep from laughing at all the hilarious shots.  I had no intention of sharing these on my blog, but they were so sweet and funny I just couldn't resist. 

Jillian woke up from her nap and wanted in on the fun.  She came out in this dress and had some ideas...

Jillian: Mommy, I'm going to hold the flowers and pose like a princess...

Rosetta: Hm, what else can I try to eat in the yard today?

I think out of all the photos I took, this is the only one where I captured Rosy's sweet smile and the zinnias made such a pretty (although accidental) background.  

This is one of the reasons I love to take photos... they capture precious moments in time that can so easily be forgotten.  Every time I look through this batch of photos I'll remember a warm summer afternoon, my sweet girls' laughter, and zinnias.


  1. Andrea,
    Your daughters are adorable!!! Jillian does look like a fairy princess!!! Rosetta reminds me of the Doris Day song, "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"! What wonderful photos of a memorable day! Your mother's zinna's are gorgeous!!! We have some planted, but with over a month of triple digit doesn't look promising! Your visit and sweet comment today brighten my day like the cool breezes of the beach!!! Thank you, dear friend!

  2. So cute. Love the one where the baby is eating something. Love the flowers.

  3. What precious photos! I truly believe the photos that are "accidental" make for the best ones =) Zinnia's are such a lovely type, simple and cheerful! Have a great weekend, Xo, Ashley

  4. Adorable girls!! I love zinnias and their bright colors and tall stalks. Such a cheery flower! Enjoyed your blog!

  5. Ha Ha!!! These are my DARLING grand-babies and the pictures are precious!!! I love them. Think they would actually be super cute framed!!! x0x0

  6. The photos of your girls are precious! And I agree, zinnias are just happy flowers. I planted some this year, but next year, I'm going to plant a gazillion of them!

  7. I love zinnias too! They are so colorful and HAPPY! Your daughters are ADORABLE!!!!!

  8. Oh, my! What two beautiful little girls! I love your shots of them and cherish these days as they grow up so fast!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Awl, how totally awesome.

    Back when my daughters were little I worked way too much, and it was in the days of film and cameras, and boy with college and just starting out so's a wonder we have ANY pictures of when my girls were children.

    I am so glad for you young mothers to have a better ability to capture these fleeting years.....jsut make sure you dont 100% relay on digital...get some you can touch and put in a book too - have had too many "oh no" moments with digital to evdere trust it again.

    Lovely girls, they are sweetie pies!

  10. So true about those moments. I love everyday photos and those close ups that capture those baby faces and the innocence of little ones. You did good!

  11. Your children are adorable! Their photos are so pretty and capture such precious moments!

  12. I tried zinnias this summer--and they almost all died! Even super-simple gardening is a challenge for me. As I was reading, I was thinking how lucky you are to have a mom so nearby. Mine lives several hours away. I would love for her to be able to drop by with a bouquet of flowers and share a simple afternoon with us.

  13. Your girls are so pretty! And so are the zinnias.

  14. Your daughters are precious. Even though Rosetta isn't into posing right now.

  15. Those girls are a delight and your photos are stunning. Thank you for visiting my blog so I could follow you back. I have to tell you though that I have terrible luck with zinnias. Mine usually get blooms but the stems are so short there is nothing to cut. I'm about ready to give up! Enjoy your week and these summer days.

  16. Your girls are too precious! You capture them so beautifully. Your photography just keeps getting better and better!

  17. Your photos are always great! But these are extra special. I just love the expressions you captured. Photos seem to work out best when you're not trying so hard...


  18. Great shots. Your daughters are so pretty.

  19. LOL I LOVE THESE ! :) I am laughing because each picture of the girls is so darn would be hard to pick a favorite but I think that the princess with her flower-eating handmaiden has to be the winner since it is too funny! :)

    Handmaiden " think THESE are going to you, Miss Princess Wannabe? NO WAY ! I am the fairest of all and I'll eat your flowers till I am older and they all recognize as such !" ( of course it's not really like that but the picture is so cute :)

  20. So cute! Rosetta looks like she has quite a personality already. She will quickly be at the heels of Jillian before you know it. They are two very pretty girls. Thank you for sharing more botanical goodness. Our flowers are struggling here in the midwest. This heat has been relentless. Your flowers are gorgeous as usual. Zinnas are one of my summertime favorites. All your plantings are so healthy looking. You are having a bountiful summer!

  21. Oh my you have a very lovely blog!
    I just became your newest follower!
    I used to grow Giant Zinnia's while living in Missouri!
    Here in California they don't grow so well.
    They seem to be liked by all the squirrels and Rabbits and other rodents!
    That we have so many of!

    But I love the photo's you shared with us so I can enjoy the bountiful Zinnia's on your blog!

    Will be back again soon!

    Oh, I found you via Julia, A Blissfully Content Life!


  22. the flowers are pretty, but, the girls steal the show--just precious, andrea! (not sure why, but, suddenly, i'm not getting your email notifications:(

  23. They are such beautiful girls, and you captured them so perfectly with your camera. Be sure to enlarge them and put them on your walls!!

  24. You have such a beautiful blog. I just signed up to follow you. Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment about my ruffled quilt.


  25. Your girls are beautiful! and I love their dresses!

  26. Your daughters are absolutely darling! The zinnias are beautiful!


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